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All Opti Digital News

Scaling Towards +60% Growth After a Successful 2023

Increasing ad revenue in a cookieless 2024: challenge accepted.

Ad Formats to Display in 2024: Optimizing Revenue for Publishers

2023 eCPM media barometer

2023 Programmatic Barometer Unveiled: Deciphering eCPM Situation

Opti Digital’s Remarkable Journey in 2023 and Objectives for 2024

Mastering Ad Auctions: Decoding Bid Request & Response

Publishers’ last minute checklist for the Holiday season

Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping: how to reduce the advertising carbon footprint of your media?

Google MCM: A Game-Changer for media publishers

Opti Engage: 3 reasons to adopt this new ad format

User centric design

How to balance UX and monetization effectively?

Highlights of Dmexco and Digiday

All you need to know about ads.txt and sellers.json files

Carbon footprint advertising campaign

Sustainable Advertising – How to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Your Campaigns?

Innovating for an Open Advertising Ecosystem

1,000,000 price floors are calculated every day by Opti Yield

The most profitable advertising formats in 2023

Opti Digital’s 2022 milestones

7 tips to limit unsold inventory

How to master your ad layout in 5 steps?

Understanding the principles of client-side vs. server-side header bidding

15 hacks to skyrocket your Q4 revenue!

Opti All-in-One: The Essential All-Inclusive Formula for Publishers

Everything You Need to Know About SEO Search Intent

6 Reasons to Deploy Dynamic Price Floors for Your Ad Inventories

How Do Dynamic Price Floors Allow Publishers to Increase Revenues by up to 40%?

Why do your advertising revenues drop every year in January, July and August?

Everything You Need to Know about Price Floors in Programmatic Advertising

Opti Digital Green Challenge – Mixing Sport with Action for the Planet

6 A/B tests to run in order to optimise your page RPM

What data should be analysed to maximise your advertising gains?

Advertising viewability: your best ally in boosting your eCPMs

IAB standard TCF not compliant with GDPR

Our AdTech predictions for 2022

The best advertising formats in 2022

Monétisation éditeurs 2022

The year in review and objectives for 2022

Media publishers and advertising agencies: 7 good practices to end the year on a high note

Le Lazy Loading d'Opti Digital

Opti Digital’s Lazy Loading solution, a must-have for your ad monetization

How to minimise the impact of advertising on the Core Web Vitals CLS score?

Business Intelligence Cross-Consent Opti Digital

Optimise your cross-consent monetisation and visualise the results with our centralised Business Intelligence